Monday, March 24, 2008

Vita Mix

Yay, I finally got a Vita Mix! I am sooooo excited! I have wanted one for years. Every year at the fair I drool over them. :) Well, Mike just bought one for me and will have it when he gets home from work later. So..........we are totally having the fabulous soup that they make at the fair with it for dinner tonight! Yummy! With ice cream made in it for desert! I also just printed out a bunch of really healthy smoothie recipes for breakfasts. I am so excited to start using it!

So, I made a berry smoothie this afternoon with bananas, OJ, and a couple tablespoons of yogurt. It was soooo good! I also made broccoli chedder soup with it from the recipe book for dinner. Ya, not so much. I won't be trying
that recipe again! <shudder> I don't even know why they have that recipe in the book! Ick! I wanted to make the black bean soup that they make at the fair for dinner, but I didn't have all of the ingredients on hand. :( Bummer! I am looking forward to trying other recipes though.