Saturday, May 22, 2010

Still Waiting...

When I came to Africa to get legal guardianship of my son I never imagined that I would be stranded here in Uganda for nearly 3 months,  away from my husband for two of them, though I am thankful he was here for one month. But here I am single parenting this precious boy until the US Embassy decides to give me an appointment for Jeremiah's visa so we can come home. I call every day twice a day and leave messages, but the woman in charge of Jeremiah's file refuses to speak to me or return my calls. I love being with my son, but this stressful situation is keeping me away from my husband and family as well as taking a financial toll because of my being stranded here. I hope to bring my son home very soon. Two days ago I had to bump our airline tickets out to June 8th which will make the time I have spent here 3 months. I sincerely hope the embassy will do their job before the 8th so we can go home. I have already bumped my tickets out 3 times and don't want to again. 
In the mean time here are some pictures of us from the first two weeks here and what we have been up to in Africa :)

Saying goodbye to Mike at the airport in Seattle and heading to Africa to meet our son. I cried like a baby after I had to go through the security checkpoint by myself. I knew I was going to miss my husband like crazy. And the guy in line behind me thought I was just plain crazy I think. :) Mike joined me almost a month later and then had to go home without us.
Seeing Jeremiah for the first time.
He was so beautiful, Rennie who ran the baby house at the time brought him.
Finally in my arms instead of just my thoughts and prayers!
Proud Mommy and beautiful son!
Hi sweetheart. I have been waiting for you for all of my life!
First bottle with Mommy.

First night with Mommy. Five and a half months old, only 8 pounds and wearing a newborn onsie. He was SO small!!!
Into town to get started on the paperwork.
Kampala traffic.
After the rain.
Village life.
First bath with Mommy. I love baths!!!!
Wearing Uncle Stephen's Very Hungry Caterpillar Jammies :o)
I love this Bumbo seat!!
Hi Mom!
The back yard where I am staying.
Our hands

He just loves bath time.
And then it's time for bed in his flippin' adorable Dino jammies!!!
My little stud muffin being adorable at a coffee shop.
Jeremiah and I at the equator on the way to Masaka. I have always been a little bit jealous of everyone's equator pictures on facebook who have been to Uganda. It seemed SOOO exotic. Now I have been :o)
I really didn't like Masaka, probably because I was sick most of the time we were there, but I did get some cute pictures of Jeremiah in his overalls and American flag hat!
A fresh fruit and veggie stand we stopped at on the way home from 5 days in Masaka.
Jeremiah in his adorable alien sweater from Ruth. It was actually a chilly day. Who knew??

And that was the first two weeks. Here is a sneak peek of my next post. Mike getting to Africa and meeting his son for the first time!