Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hair Pretties

 My Mom taught me how to make these yesterday.  They are SO fun!  I am not very good at crocheting, but these are pretty easy.  Next I am going to learn to make flowers!!
 First you crochet all the way around a pony tail holder.  The thick kind.
 Then you go around that and crochet the ruffles.
I LOVE them!  They are addicting to make and so cute!
 I think the pink ones are my favorites.
 I can't wait to have a little girl to make these kinds of things for, but for now I will make them for my nieces :)


Kath said...

Man...you have a cool mom! ;-) The last picture wouldn't load for me. You've been busy making hair pretties! I gave one to Victoria yesterday (my friend Jamie's daughter) and it shows up really cute in her pooofy hair. :)

Tevia said...

Sarah! You need a daughter! She will be the best dressed with the cutest hair!

Sarah said...

Thanks Tevia. I can't wait to make things for a little girl of my own and dress her all cute!
Mom, I am ready for a flower lesson now. I have the pony tail holders mastered:)

Anonymous said...

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Take care!

Chrystie said...

Hey Sarah, These are so cute! Love it! So when we scrap next you need to teach me how to make the flowers!! I will teach you how to make the sewn flowers, deal!