Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4th of July Camping

We had a lot of fun camping over the 4th of July! Michael, Jacob and Stephen came with us and we stayed at Friday Harbor in the San Juans. It was kinda cold and drizzly while we were there, so we didn't do much playing in the water (except Jacob, 'cause he is crazy), but we had a lot of fun. The drizzly weather meant lots of campfires which was great, because I love campfires! Mike got a bunch of ember holes in his new fleece which was a bummer though. Next time I will bring more blankets though because I was freezing at night!
Stephen, Mike and I on the ferry ride there. Stephen is wearing my sweatshirt because his was packed and he was freezing. He did not like the ferry ride. I think it scared him.
Us on the ferry.
After we set up camp Stephen and I went exploring while Mike and the guys went to buy some firewood. We walked over to the beach and Steven had a great time climbing the big rocks!
What a "big" kid!
Climbing down. What a cutie!
(btw, the "wet" on his pants is from the ocean :) )
After Stephen and I finished exploring the shore area and he had his fill of climbing the rocks we found a trail in the "woods" and ran into Jacob a little way up the trail, so we all went for a little hike. On the trail there were some really neat spots for pictures so I got some great shots of the two of them!
Aww, how cute!
Brothers :)
Jacob up a tree. It was actually pretty high.
Jacob helped Stephen up.
Our campsite. Made up of the "kitchen," our tent, the kid tent and the fire pit.
Michael and Jacob making a fire cause it started to rain.
On our last day we went down to the beach and did some exploring. Michael found something.
Everyone went over to see what it was. It was a really pretty abalone shell.
We also found a tide pool with this neat little guy in it.
On our last night we did smores, Stephen's favorite part of camping! :)
Michael's version of roasting marshmellows. Catch them on fire.
He looks so happy that I am sitting in his lap.
I LOVE this picture!
Mike carrying Stephen back to the campsite all cleaned up and ready for bed.
Me and my guy.
The ferry ride home. Stephen was exausted! He is sacked out in the background.
Playing cards on the ferry. We had a Blast camping! I am so glad to boys came with us!


Kath said...

The boys had an awesome time. Somebody sure makes cute kids! :)

CunninghamRules!! said...

looks like you guys had a blast! You two are awesome to bring all the boys with you (welcome to my life 24-7hehehe)!