Friday, September 5, 2008

My new Do :)

Here are some pictures of my Fab. new haircut. I love it. I also have 2 new pairs of glasses, but I forgot to take pictures with my favorite ones, the brown and pink ones. I do have a pic of me in the black ones though.
Yep, it is much shorter :)
Here are the black glasses (not as cute as the pink and brown tho)

The backdrop is my Grandma's fabulous Hawaiian shower curtian which happens to go great in my extra bathroom!
And that ladies and gentlemen, is my new haircut.
Sorry the fist pictures are so blurry, I took these myself.


Kath said...

Adorable! I especially like the one of you with your hand up in front of the shower curtain!

Mike and Sarah said...

Aww, thanks Mom!