Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Harvest

Well, our garden was a bust this year. Our strawberry plans didn't produce a single strawberry, and the tomato plant has produced a total of two red tomatoes. It is currently absolutely LOADED with green tomatoes but with the lack of sunshine this summer, the rest refuse to ripen up. Sigh. The basil was the only think that did okay. So anyway here are some pictures of I decided to take pictures of my one garden success. A caprice salad.
The tenacious tomato that actually ripened on the vine!
Oh, and my cute apron. Hubby picked it out!
Isn't it pretty!
The result: A beautiful and tasty caprice "inspired" salad with tomato and basil from the garden, Dubliner cheese (which I love, but my Mom says tastes like licking a goat. My only question is "when did you last lick a goat?") topped with cottage cheese mixed with a bit of diced red bell pepper and onion and fresh ground pepper. It was Soooo good!


Kath said...

I have raised goats. I have fed goats. I have chased goats out of my geraniums. I have milked goats. Having done all this and endured the smell of the goats that suffused the very pores of my being and having landed on the surface of my tongue, I can say with due confidence that Dubliner cheese tastes like licking a goat. BLECH!

Mike and Sarah said...

LOL, you are too funny!