Monday, December 6, 2010

Vintage Sheet Music Tree Topper

Fresh trees are sooo expensive.  We always buy a Noble Fir, but this year we decided to try a Frasier Fir because it cost considerably less but has a very similar look.  I LOVE it!  It is really pretty and the branches have almost a silvery look in some light.  I was excited to make a new tree topper for it, so last night when we decorated I left the topper off.
Tonight this is what I made.
 Last night we put up the tree.  Hubby put the lights on for me.  But I used my flash when I took the picture, so it is hard to tell :)
I decorated.
 Our outdoor kitty was so happy that we have an inside tree :)
 I saw a cool idea on mudpies blog to use book pages to make a tree topper.  Last weekend while enjoying a weekend away with hubby for our anniversary I found a book of sheet music for a couple of dollars in an Antique Mall.  I decided to use it to make my own :)  I have never liked my tree topper, so I really hoped it turned out.  I LOVE it!!!!!
 I inked the edges with chalk ink to add to the vintage look.  I am so happy with the way it turned out!!!!!!!
 So pretty!!!!
The full view.
 Our kitten seems to enjoy the tree as well.
I am SO in LOVE with it!  I am in the process of making a matching wreath, but since it is 2am I think I will finish it up tomorrow :-)
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Patti's Artful Design said...

You tree topper turned out great! I just made a wreath out of old book papers. It was so much fun to create! Happy holidays!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

The use of music sheets are so hot right now! Very clever using it as a tree topper. Thank you for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday" blog party. I hope to see you next week!

Chrystie said...

I LOVE it Sarah, it looks great!! :) Can't wait to see the wreath! :) Did people sign your tree skirt or does it just look like it? If so what's the significance?

Honey at 2805 said...

Another amazing sheet music wreath, and a new creative use! Good job.

Honey at 2805 said...

Another amazing sheet music wreath, and a new creative use! Good job.

Mike and Sarah said...

Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone, and I will link up again next week Carrie. This was such a fun project to make and I LOVE how it turned out!
Good eye Chrystie! Since we got married at Christmas time we had our guests sign a creamy velvet tree skirt instead of a guest book I would never use. I love pulling it every year and looking at what everyone wrote! I was worried that it would wash out when I washed it the first time, but the fabric pens I used have stayed bright through many washings!

mudpies and marigolds said...

Very cute! I did one very similar about 1 1/2 months ago...I think yours turned out better though. LOVE IT!

Mike and Sarah said...

LOL,mudpies and marigolds. YOU are the one I got my inspiration from. I loved the post on your blog about the wreath you did. I posted a linky to your blog and gave you credit about a third of the way down my post :) Thanks for the great idea!!!!

Mike and Sarah said...

Mudpies and marigolds, I just went back to your blog and looked and I commented on how I was going to copy your idea back on November 9th. I guess I finally got around to it :)

Chrystie said...

I kinda wondered if that was what it was, very cool! :)

AmieAnn said...

This is amazing! I love the way it turned.. I have been looking for tree topper ideas.. this may be the winner! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

Tracie said...

Love it! The cat is cute too!

AllieMakes! said...

Very sweet! I like the sheet music! It's very festive!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Allison said...

Thanks for linking up! Can't wait to see what beautiful project you will be working on next!