Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In The Interest of Fairness....

In the interest of fairness Shelly suggested I write a blog about what I will miss about Uganda. If I ever get chance to leave so I can miss it that is! :

*First and foremost I will miss the Bandelmans! Brian and Shelly and Gabe, Brie, Zoe and Noah have been amazing and I am so blessed by all they have done for me! We will be visiting them while they are in the U.S. this winter if they can stand us for an afternoon! :) The work they do here is awesome!
*Krest!!! I just finished one, and oh how I will miss it. I don't drink soda at home. I think it is gross. I also never really believed that using raw sugar instead of the high fructose corn syrup they use at home would make such a difference in taste, but it really does. I even enjoy a Coke here once in a while and I hate Coke at home. Krest bitter lemon is the very best soda though!! Being that it is bottled in glass instead of plastic might help too. When I walk down to the village for one, if I bring another bottle to trade, it is only 600 shilling for a cold Krest. About 30 cents US.
*I will miss the cooked cabbage. That stuff is amazing!!! I shouldn't miss it too much though because Juliet taught me how to make it. Thanks Juliet! Oh, speaking of her I will miss her and her sister Maureen! They both love Jeremiah so :0)
*Tea time at the Guest House with the beautiful sweeping views and Esther's wonderful cooking.
*The Ugandan children.
*Mendazi! Kind of like a Ugandan donut. You can buy it in the village for like 400 shilling each, so 20 cents.
*The wonderful pineapple and mangos here!!!
*Seguku village. Oddly enough the village has a sort of strange beauty and I enjoy my walks down to the village when I need airtime or a Krest.
*And last but not least, the beautiful children at Baby House.

Now Jeremiah and I just need to get home so we can start missing these things. :0) So get your hineys in gear U.S. embassy! As of today I have been in Uganda 98 days! That is a long time to be away from home!!!!!!
Seguku village.

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scrapnmama6 said...

Wow Sarah, I think you'll need to scrapbook this b/c you'll be missing it when you do! :) What a great idea & neat picture. What memories this will be for you! Can't wait to see you when you come home.