Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poeple's Opinions and My Family

When my husband and I decided to start on the journey of adoption we knew that people would see the obvious physical differences in our family and probably feel free to comment. That they might say stupid and maybe even hurtful things. We have had some interesting comments along the way from people wondering why we were adopting from Africa when there are children in America who need homes and similar such things. I expected questions maybe even rude and untactful ones. I never expected outright hate.
A little background first. My husband and Mother have been working tirelessly tying to get Jeremiah and I home from 3 and a half months and counting in of being stranded in Africa by the U.S. Embassy after being granted legal permanent guardianship of our son by the Ugandan court. They have even been on the news twice to share my/our/Jeremiah's story. Ya, they are pretty awesome!
The first news piece was on our local q13 fox news station in Seattle about a month ago:,0,1986737.story
It was a great story and got people's attention. I heard lots of good things about it from people on my facebook page (my only way of contacting the outside world :) ). The second one just aired yesterday on our local King 5 news at home and was picked up by Northwest Cable News:
Also a great story. I went online to the link to watch it. This is were I get back on track. You can leave comments on the story there. When I looked there was one lone comment:
"Good leave her there, we have enough problems on our hands as it is... Why do these crazy people want to bring more of it here..."
Umm.......WOW REALLY? Is that seriously what you think? Orphanages have enough problems on their hands too, so should they have left Jeremiah dying to avoid that? At first I was shocked and angry my feelings were really hurt! How rude! What a Jerk! Then after I had a few minutes to process it I realized what a pathetic person they must be and what a small life that ignorant person must lead! I thought of Matthew 12:34 where it says "For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." I was thinking that that about summed it up about that person. Then I read the verse again and realized that in this whole process that goodness has not always flowed from my mouth. In fact frustration, anger, and impatience have more than once. So a comment meant to hurt me actually made me fall on my knees and pray that the overflow of my heart is something that is a good example for my precious son!
The ignorant comment still smarts a little, but I know that they are ignorant and wrong and because of Jeremiah Mike and I have been blessed beyond comprehension and my heart overflows with thankfulness at this blessing! :)


Kath said...

Yay you! Yay God! Only HE could use the ignorant grumblings of an angry hateful person to bring truth and conviction and repentance and forgiveness! I love you!

Chrystie said...

You're mom nailed it on the head! What a great reaction you had. It's totally natural to have a mad reaction, that's what the person was going for. But it takes a stronger person, who has God in their heart to go above that level & actually gain something from it. Way to go!! That really shows maturity on your part to be the bigger person. I saw the comment, but didn't want to say anything to you b/c I thought it was WAY rude & didn't want to upset you. People continue to shock me of what they are capable of! Be prepared when you come home to get every ? known to man just b/c Jerimiah is a different color! We got SO many ?'s just b/c the boys were twins! It's amazing what people think they have the right to say & ask!!! What ever happened to the rule, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!