Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I love about home.

There are so many things that I love and miss and am thankful for about home that I can't wait to get back to. Since summer has come to my home without me I am a bit wistful today..... Some of the things I miss are:
*MY HUSBAND. OMG I miss that man so much!!!
*MY PEOPLE! My fiends and family. Hanging out with them.
*MY HOME. I love my lovely little home and I miss it so much. And I miss the projects I always have going and showing the before and after pictures here on my blog :) I miss waking up in the morning and going upstairs to my kitchen with the scent of Mikes morning coffee still lingering in the air while I make myself a morning smoothie. I miss planting flowers and veggies and mowing the lawn (but not picking up the doggie poo!) and spending summer mornings on the back deck enjoying my breakfast at the table while I read a good book. I miss simple summer evening meals of salad or soup or BBQ with Mike on the back deck with candles and lemonade and holding hands. I miss home!
*SCRAPBOOKING!!! Need I say more??
*MY CAR. Oh, the freedom to have my car and I can just jump in it and go wherever I want.
*MY ANIMALS. Oh how I miss my kitties Glovebox, Tantar and Oscar and my mini doxie Charlie.
*MY BEDROOM. My huge room with the pretty crown molding and my sleep number bed and my new dressing table and my clothes and things. I am so thankful for having a place to stay here in Africa, but I will be so glad to be home after 3 months (and counting) living out of a suitcase with the few outfits I brought, camping out in a room that is not mine.
*SUMMER FRUIT STANDS. Oh how I love visiting my handful of favorite fruit stands in the summer and buy farm fresh fruits and veggies for our meals.
*SUMMER EVENING WALKS WITH MY MAN. When Mike is home from work and the summer day is fading to evening and the air begins to cool. I love these walks to the park hand in hand and walking past our secret fig tree on the way home and picking a couple of fresh ones. One for snacking on now and one for breakfast! Now I get to push my beautiful red peg perego stroller that I bought last year while dreaming of a baby! And we will have to spend time at the park testing out the new playground with our wonderful new son!
*COOKING. Making my favorite recipes in my kitchen and testing new ones.
*RESTAURANTS. Bahama Breeze and Chipotle mostly.
*CLEAN DRINKING WATER. Straight from the tap if I want. I had no idea that I took clean water for granted. The water out of the tap here is not clean. It can often be an dingy color and is unsafe to drink. Many people here do not have running water at all and have to walk every day to fill their jerry cans with water. Often unsafe water because there is no well or clean water source nearby. Around the world children die every day due to lack of clean drinking water. We are so blessed in America and we don't even realize it. Warning..rabbit trail! This is why I love Advent Conspiracy and will be donating for clean wells this Christmas! :)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkTyPzRzuwc & http://www.adventconspiracy.org/
*JEREMIAH'S TURTLE NURSERY. It is honestly one of my favorite rooms in the house. I had so much fun planning and creating it with Mike while we waited for our baby and it will be even better once I can bring the little occupant home!

I can not wait to come home and introduce my little man to his Grandparents and Uncles and cousins! And reunite him with his Daddy! I am excited to bring him home and settle into a crazy new chapter in our life! So glad our family has grown!

The baby dude. He can't stand on his own yet, but when I was lifting him out of his pack and play he grabbed the edge and would not let go, so I stood him up there. It only lasted for just a second before he tipped over, but he was so proud of himself! It was TOO CUTE!


Kath said...

OHMYGOSH! How cute is he?? I love this pic!

I know you miss your normal life. It is here waiting for your return. We can't wait for you and Jeremiah to come home. In the meantime, enjoy the produce and the children and the people there.

scrapnmama6 said...

Sarah, it's good to think about the things you miss & love! You've had so much time to think & ponder on these things as well as realize even more what you have to be thankful for, now including that adorable baby boy of yours! I believe you will be thankful beyond words for your time & experience there. You will truely appreciate & be thankful for thinks in a new way. You will experience the things you had in a way you never had before & treasure simple things like clean running water, that before you had taken for granted. It's always hard to see the treasure at the end of the rainbow, but we know it exists & when we get there we can rejoice for it is ours to claim! :) Love you hang in there, you will not be there forever although at times I'm sure it feels that way! If you're at one end of the rainbow, it's impossible to see the other end, but we know it's there!

Shawn @ Daffodil Lane said...

I have been following you through Chrystie's blog, and saw you on the news tonight. Hang in there! Sending prayers. :)

Mike and Sarah said...

Thank you for your prayers, Shawn @Daffodil Lane. We appreciate them so much. This week things are really looking up and I should be taking Jeremiah home very soon. It so was nice to see your comment. Sometimes I wonder if anyone besides my Mom and Chrystie read my blog. I have been following your blog through Chrystie's as well since being in Africa and have really enjoyed it. Thanks again for the prayers!