Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby's first haircut aka "goodbye wing"

Well, I was going to have Jeremiah;s first haircut on his first birthday (or in that week).  You know, the whole production.  Camera wheeling Mom taking pictures of her baby up in the big chair getting his curly locks cut off to record in his baby book for posterity and all of that.  Well today I could take it no longer.
  I have tried every product I can think of but his "wing" (as we came to call it in Uganda) was driving me crazy.  Mike has been telling me I should cut it, but I didn't want to cut off any of my baby's adorable curls.  Today that changed though.
This is the "wing"
Ya, it is really long......
Wing from the underside.
Goodbye wing.  RIP August 13, 2010.  You might be missed, but probably not.
Rest assured that no other curls or locks on any other place on his head were harmed in the process of this wing removal.
No wing!  Aww, his hair looks so cute!
What nice normal looking hair! lol :-)
Happy baby with no more "wing!"


Kath said... adorable is he? :)

Chrystie said...

Ahhhh, much better! Is he crying in the 1st pic? Is that b/c his head weighed too much before the removal of the "wing"? ha ha!

Mike and Sarah said...

LOL, yes, he is crying in the first picture, but I don't think it is because the weight of the wing ;-) It was because he didn't want to be still for the haircut, but I made him so I didn't cut off his ear or something. :)

Chrystie said...

That's good you held him down good as to not cut off his ear! Wish the hair lady did the same thing when I was a kid! Somehow the lady managed to slice the bottom of my earlobe mid cut!! Not a great way to promote finishing it! OR coming back! HELLO! I still remember it!

Sarah said...

She sliced your ear??? No way! I think she needed to find a new line of work. I bet you were traumatized! I would be seriously ticked if someone cut my kid's earlobe while giving them a haircut!