Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Yesterday I had a most wonderful birthday!  It started off with rocking my favorite baby who was extra cuddly in the rocking chair for nearly 10 minutes.  Yay for snuggly time with babies!  Then I got on facebook to over 25 sweet happy birthday wishes from friends :)Then my husband came home an hour and a half EARLY!!!  With potted sunflowers and a beautiful hand made turtle cutting board that he made me himself :)  Swoon... 
If you don't know of my love for turtles go check out my son  Jeremiah's Turtle Nursrey!
I love it!                               
 We hung out with J until the babysitter got here and then we were off to the Space Needle.  I have never been up to the top and I really wanted to go!  I was really excited to see it from the top!
The view from the top :)

The birthday girl and her man!
Beautiful view!
The setting sun.  Too bad it was cloudy though.
The sound with orange cranes the two stadiums and the beautiful moon in the background.
The stadiums and Mt Renier fading into the sunset.
I see the moon and the moon sees me.
 Seattle Skyline.
Sunset on Lake Union.
 Checking out the sailboats.
My Birthday trip to the Space Needle was so fun!  I have always wanted to go to the top.  The sunset views were beautiful and I would love to go back up to the top again someday.
Dinner at The Melting Pot was amazing like it always is.  We had the spinach artichoke cheese fondue for our appetizer and my favorites with it were the green apples and the rosemary focaccia bread.  I had the lettuce wraps for my salad and I did not like them.  The teriyaki sirloin and the prawns were my favorite part of dinner.  Dessert.....oh how I wish I had not been so full.  It was sooooooo good.  They brought me 3 chocolate covered strawberries with a birthday candle burning in the middle.  The white chocolate strawberry was AMAZING and the mild and dark chocolate covered strawberries were wonderful too!  Of our white chocolate desert fondue I only ate a bite of the cheesecake, and 3 of the 4 cinnamon and cocoa dusted marshmallows dipped in the white chocolate.  HEAVENLY!!!!!!  We were so full we left most of the dessert plate  on the table, but what I had was wonderful!  It was a wonderful birthday date with my man!!


Kath said...

What a perfect day! Love the turtle cutting board. That is one creative guy you've got there!

Chrystie said...

What a perfect birthday! What an amazing gift from Mike! So sweet & heartfelt! Your relationship amazes me! Awesome! :) Happy b-day again! Look forward to seeing you & J next week & gettin our scrap on!