Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jeremiah's new highchair and a houseguest...

One morning not to long after returning home I woke up to the dog going crazy in the laundry room. I almost rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but something told me I should go see what was the matter.
I came up the stairs to see Charlie barking at his dog bed. What the heck?? Are you scared of your bed dude? Why on earth did you wake me up???? Upon further investigation I discovered the reason for his distress. My cat (who shall remain nameless :cough: Tantar :cough: ) apparently brought in a defenseless little baby through the cat door.

Okay, is he not the cutest little thing you have ever seen?? And I would like to make a note that this is a miniature tennis ball.  That is how small he was.  We have a mini doxy and he can't get his mouth around a regular one.
I was so mad at my cat! The poor little guy was absolutely terrified! He was so cute and I wanted to keep him :) But I didn't. I did name him Justin though. We have an adult opossum that has frequents our grape vines every fall/winter for the past three years. I named him Steve, but am now thinking he might be more of a Stevena... Anywho, I called an animal rescue place and asked what to do with the little cutie. I asked if his Mom would be looking for him and they said no, but he should be treated for any wounds that might have been inflicted by my cat and he needed to get an antibiotic shot. So I put Justin in a laundry basket with some blankets and got the baby bathed and we were off to the animal hospital.
Poor little guy. I hope he was okay. He seemed in good hands at the animal hospital though.

A few days before the opossum incident I decided it was time to get Jeremiah a high chair.  We didn't have one in Africa, so he is really good about sitting on the floor while I feed him, but he needed to have a high chair so he could have a tray to put finger foods on so he could practice his fine motor skills.  The one I registered for had been out of stock for a few months, so I started looking on Craigslist for the same one.  I wanted this particular one because it was wooden and I did not want a big cartoon themed plastic thing in my living room.  It also had a plastic tray for easy clean up and sensitization.  Perfect!  So I was looking and I found a few listed, but they were all like "it is a very nice Eddie Bauer wooden high chair so we are charging $xyz."  Most people were only charging like $20 less than the price of a brand new one!  What the heck!  This is second hand people, not Nordstrom.  I spent a couple of hours looking because I really wanted that particular one, and BINGO, right before I was about to give up someone posted one for $25.  Score!  I had that sucker picked up in less than a half hour.  I love the classic lines and the wood and Jeremiah loves to eat cheerios in it!

Test run of the high chair.  And no, I do not have a cheerio on my bottom lip!  :-)

I think he likes it :)

Jeremiah isn't the only one who likes it!
And after a hard afternoon of munching cheerios there isn't much else do do besides this.

And maybe a little of this! :-)


Kath said...

The opossum is cute, but I wouldn't want one for a pet. The high chair is awesome. That cute little guy on the couch though? Priceless. :)

Chrystie said...

I love the cute baby possum!! What a tiny cutie! Cute high chair & I love, love LOVE the cutie pie sleeping!!

Mike and Sarah said...

I loved the opossum too. He was so stinkin' adorable!!