Friday, September 3, 2010

11 Months Old

I can not believe my baby boy turned 11 months old at the end of August!  How the time has flown by!  Though at the moment he is laying across my lap wearing the very same adorable little 3-6 month jeans he wore home from the airport exactly 2 months ago today.  He might be a little guy now but watch out world, he is going to be a quarter back and guitar player when he gets bigger!  Here are some of his 11 month old happenings.

 Jeremiah's first peanut butter spoon.  I know it is a high allergy food and he isn't 12 months yet.  He was fine.  Move on :)

Wrong end dude!

He LOVED it!!!
The next day he had peanut butter waffles for breakfast.  He loved them and I loved that he was fully engrossed for 30 minutes!!
These are really good Mom!
This was about the time I threw him in the tub!!!
Always cuter, less sticky and smelling wonderful after a bath :)
My cute boy sporting a pretty unique outfit this morning....
Just a bright green cloth diaper, red Elmo socks, and a red, blue, and yellow binkey.
I think the binkey is what really pulls it together and  makes it work, don't you?
What a cute little stud muffin! 
Jeremiah walking today (with help) at 11 months.  If you view the videos below you can see how much he has improved.  He can balance with one hand and just stand there!
Jeremiah walking at 9.5 months the first week we were home from Uganda.  He just pulled himself up on the toy and took off.  He had never done anything like that before.  Mike and I were so excited!  We called Grandma and told her.  She said "put that toy away!!!"  She had only just met him and wanted him to stay a baby :)

Jeremiah walking at 9 months in Uganda.  So tiny for his age!!  Took the video for Dad to see but the internet there was too slow to upload it.  Oh, and sorry about it being sideways.  I don't know how to rotate videos.


Chrystie said...

Wow! He's impoved his walking since he was here even! Good job buddy! Keep it up! :) His high chair's almost as cute as he is. What a good eater boy!

Kath said...

I don't think I ever gave any of my babies peanut butter spoons or peanut butter waffles. Not into the mess so much. He seems to love it tho! He looks so cute after his bath. :)

Love the green diaper and socks. The binky is the perfect accessory. LOL