Monday, October 18, 2010

Kauai - Day 1

I absolutely loved Kauai!!  We left our house at 4:30 in the morning and we had to take 2 connecting flights.  The lame part was that Alaska Air made us stop in Portland.  Apparently the only direct flights to Honolulu are in the late afternoon and we wanted to fly in the morning.  Then we had to get on an island hopper to Kauai.  With all of that, because of the time change we still made it to Kauai before noon!
Our first order of business after checking in to our condo was checking out the beach!  The complex was on a beautiful stretch of Pacific, but sadly there was not much beach.

That did not stop us from enjoying it though!

 Jeremiah took to it like a fish to water :)
 His naked buns were so cute in the water :).  We had planned on just going to check it out, not go in, so we didn't put him in a swim diaper.  But naked works :)
 Time to get out of the water before we have any accidents. 
 On the way back inside to celebrate Jeremiah's birthday.  He looks so cute in his little towel!
 His loot.
 His favorite was the " 'rocca" from Africa.  He didn't even have to open it for it to be fun.  In fact he never did. lol  I unwrapped it at some point so he wouldn't eat the paper. :)
 I love his goofball expression while Daddy helps him open this gift!
 It just wouldn't be the same if I couldn't taste it first!  I must taste Everything!!
 Already shaking presents to try to figure out what is in them?  I am sure he never guessed Weebles :0)  A brown boy weeble and a blonde girl weeble :)
 And the cake!  We stopped at the grocery store on the way to our condo to pick up a cupcake for the birthday boy :)  Unfortunately I videoed the entire "eating of the birthday cupcake" so I only have a before and after picture. 
 Ya, pretty much the worst birthday cake reaction ever.  First he smashed his hands in the frosting and stuck them in his mouth for a taste.  Pretty good.  Another taste.  Then he wiped his hands together to get the sticky stuff off.  It didn't work.  Then frantic wiping followed by screaming.  He pretty much hated it! lol  He was given a bath immediately after this picture :)
And that was pretty much day one.  We went to bed at 8pm because with the way early morning, all of the traveling, and the time change making it 11pm at home, we were exhausted!  On the plus side we were up early to start our first full day in Paradise the next morning!


Chrystie said...

I LOVE this picture! So sweet! :)

P.S. I'm trying something new, there's a box that I marked to get follow up comments. So if you write after me, I should get it! :)

Mike and Sarah said...

Okay, I am leaving a comment so you can see if you get follow up comments :) Did you click "read more" on this post and see all of the pictures from that day or just the one picture in the teaser at the beginning? I have been doing a short intro and then read more so that I can fit more posts on a page. So all of the Hawaii posts have several pictures, but you have to click to see them :) His Hawaii birthday pictures are in this post. I love his reaction to the cake. Not what I expected!

Chrystie said...

yeah!! It worked! It only gave me the option for some of the posts?? If it gave me the choice, I clicked it. No, I must not have seen the read more. I don't recall b-day pics! I will go check them out! :)

Chrystie said...

The present reaction was really cute! What's up w/the cake dude??!! You don't like sweets?? Wish I had that problem! ha ha! This will be a great LO! One of those 1 pic LO's w/lots of embellies! Fun!

Mike and Sarah said...

All of my posts have a "read more" button now so I can fit more posts on one page :) I know I will have fun with that layout! I didn't expect tears over the cake though! Not the reaction I was anticipating, that is for sure!