Friday, March 5, 2010

Jeremiah's Turtle Nursrey

We had so much fun decorating Jeremiah's nursery. Mom and I went shopping and found the most adorable turtle bedding in Seattle, but the comforter had a little stain on it. So when we got back home she got online and found a smokin' deal on the same bedding online. I got the whole bedding set plus the soft snuggle blanket for less than the set at the store. Then I used my gift certificate from Jerry and Veronica from Christmas to order the matching hamper and curtains. Then I found the rug on ebay and couldn't live without it! I told Mike I wanted to do a turtle room and paint the walls like the ocean so I could have turtles swimming in them. I had these adorable wave shelves from my friend Chrystie and he made a stencil inspired from those shelves and painted me some waves!!
Mike putting together the crib.
The crib. I LOVE it!!
Mike's first row of waves.
Mike filling in the second row.

The dynamic duo! Mike did most of the painting, but I helped fill in the circles after Mike drew them in. We had so much fun listening to fun music and staying up until 2am painting our baby's room. :-)
Me painting a circle.
I wanted some color behind the crib to make the white pop, so Mike mixed som white paint with the wave blue and made lighter circles (love).
Lots of circles-bubbles!
Done painting. Now it is time to decorate!! (I found that anchor for $3 and knew it would be perfect for an ocean themed room. I asked Mike to paint a blue circle to highlight it and that is how we got the idea to paint the circles/bubbles)
I love these turtles!
Turtle on the bumper pad.
Turtle bedding :)
I love this room. Mike bought the rocker :)
Coming together.
I bought these letters to alter and hang above the crib.
I love how they turned out!
I used a bright colored polka dot paper to play on the bubble theme and then chalk inked the edges.
Then I cut out turtles on my cricut to "swim" in the ocean!
I made this canvas turtle wall art to match the turtles on the wall. I love it!
Test driving the rocking chair.
I think I will be spending many long evenings in this chair :)
We had some turtles swimming here. And I found these real starfish and put them in the ocean too. Love the matching hamper!

A bookshelf I made out of an old wine crate. Some of my favorite childrens books are inside as well as the most adorable hedgehog EVER. And there are shells from everywhere that I have ever been with an ocean in that jar. Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Oahu, Maui, Kona, Catalina Island, and Ireland. There are also a few from South Africa from Stephanie.
The changing table.
I found this yummy velour changing table cover that is the exact same colors as the turtle bedding! I am using the baskets to hold my cloth diapers and some baby clothes. I got them at Cost Plus 6 years ago and used them up until a year ago when they got shoved into a closet. It was nice to bring them back out and give them a new purpose!

I had these in the window sill at first....
But I think I like them better here. That jar with the sand has sea shells from South
Africa in it. The ceramic puppy belonged to my Grandma. Flowers were delivered in it when she had one of her babies. My Mom stole it when she moved out because she loved it and it was in my room as a baby. The little Porcelain puppy was in my room as a baby too. My Mom bought it as a child on a girl scout trip to Disney land. I love the abalone shell. My uncle Dave found it.
An in-layed wooden picture from Uganda.
The pegboard that matches the wave shelf.
We decided aginst the white dresser and went with this one that has been in my room from the time I was a baby until...last week when we put it in the nursery :) It used to be my Mom's and she still accuses me of stealing it. I didn't. lol
A turtle picture I took in Hawaii two years ago.
Mike picked this adorable hippo our for his son :) Love that guy!!
The end.
Hope you enjoyed our nursery transformation!


Kath said...

You did so!

I love the way everything turned out. You guys should have a makeover tv craft/remodel show. :D

Mike and Sarah said...

Thanks, that is so nice. I love making stuff over!
I did so what??

Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Aww, this turned out adorably! Great job wielding y'all's paint rollers/brushes. :) Your little boy is going to have such a cute room to come home to.


Mike and Sarah said...

Thanks Sarah, I had so much fun designing it. It occupied my time until Jeremiah was finally in my arms!