Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My beautiful son and some babyshower highlights

Bethany, founder of the baby house where Jeremiah lives went on a mission trip to the Bethany Baby House was kind enough to send me these pictures of Jeremiah. They are beautiful and have made my week!!
Two adorable babies. Mine is the littler one, the other is Johnny.
Beautiful boy.
I have the bouncer that matches this swing waiting here at home for him!
LOL, what kind of a face is that?
A beautiful lady loving on my son :)
Aww, what a sweet tiny little boy.
I LOVE this picture! Babies and bumbos all in a row :0)
Matthew, Johnny, Jacob, and Jeremiah, the tiniest one. Ours! :-)
Jeremiah on the Bethany House quilt someone from Rennie's church made for him. She made one for each one of the babies. How sweet!
The three old pictures I had from a month and a half ago :-)
I talked to Rennie who runs the baby house today and she said that he is around 8 lbs. He hasn't gained any weight because he has been growing longer over the past few weeks. He is tiny, but wearing 3 months size because he is getting to long for some 0-3 month stuff. He also had his first baby food on Friday. Lamb dinner (ICK!!) and peaches. I just love getting these updates! It is second best to not actually being there with him and experiencing these firsts.

Baby Shower Highlights:
The spread. The punch cupcakes and fruit were amazingly good!
The cupcakes with blue frosting and handmade white chocolate monogram candy "J's."
The gift table.
The haul
Girl talk.
A few of the girls.
Mom, Chrystie and I.
Sarah and Sarah. Friends and expectant Moms. I'm just not quite showing. :)
My wonderful friend Stephanie, the hostess. Thanks Girl! It was Fabulous!


Chrystie said...

I LOVE the new pictures! I can't believe how he's grown!! He's still tiny, but I can see changes in his face. And eating food now, my goodness! That face in the chair is SO hilarious!!

Nice shower recap! How did you do all those pics continuously?? I still can't figure out how to do that the best. I have like a post for ea. pic almost!! Still working out the kinks!

Looks great! I can't wait to start getting your updates when your in Africa! Can't wait to see a pic of you holding him!!

Kath said...

What a beautiful little guy. I can't wait to rock him in my arms. The shower was a ton of fun. Nice pics Chrystie!

Chrystie said...

Sarah, I can hardly wait for you to come home & post more pics!!! So excited for you guys! Your baby boy is precious!

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