Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend With Mike

Mike took a long weekend so we could spend some time together just the two of us before I leave for Africa to start the process of adopting our son. I will be there a few weeks before he joins me and we will miss each other! On Saturday we got up early and went to Crystal Mountain to go snowboarding. For me it was more like snowfalling. We didn't get lift tickets, we just went and played around on a hill while Mike gave me pointers and and tried to teach me the basics in turning and stopping. It was really frustrating because I really sucked, but it was pretty fun too. I was sure sore the next day! Next Saturday I will be getting lift tickets and playing/learning on the bunny slope while Mike does some real snowboarding.
Our boards
On Sunday after church we stopped at a thrift shop and found a great shelf/cabinet that I am going to transform into a beautiful dressing table/shelf for me. I need something to store my makeup and perfume since the hutched green dresser moved to the baby's room. After lunch of Mexican food (my favorite!!) at the yummy place we used to go all the time when we were newly married, we went to Alki beach and went for a walk, then watched the sun set over the water from Starbucks. I was lame and forgot my camera though so no pretty sunset pictures.
On Monday we were going to get up really early and take the ferry to Whidbey island and then drive home over Deception Pass. I was really sleepy and lazy though, so I did not get up early. We did have a lovely day on Whidbey island, but we took the ferry both ways instead of driving all the way to Deception pass.:)
Bright yellow Daffodil.
Happy little daffodils.
Pretty Heather.
Pretty green flowers. There were a lot of pretty flowers in Langley.
Random Langley pictures.
We wandered through the shops in Langley and I took some pictures. I found the most adorable tree and owl fabric at Quilting By The Sea, but used all of my self control to not buy it. After window shopping we went on a little hike.
A hearty little daisy in the parking lot of the county park we hiked at.
Up close and personal with a mushroom on the trail.
A broken tree. I thought it was pretty.
A view of the beach we were hiking down to.
We even brought Charlie.
The beautiful ocean.

Holding hands.
Our hands.
I was getting quite sentimental by the end of our day on Whidbey so that is probably why I tood so many hand pictures. I knew I was going to miss Mike for the weeks that we are apart, so we were soaking in every minute together. One the drive home we took turns reading chapters out of Babywise to each other. Mike was driving, so he read while we were on the ferry and I read the rest of the time. It was a perfect day with my man and a great weekend!!


Kath said...

You are really developing a good eye for photos. I love the street sign and the phone booth, and the one of your hands is lovely. I know you are going to miss one another, but it will be SO worth it in the end!!!

Chrystie said...

WOW, I have allot to say. Somehow I missed all these under Jeremiah's pics!! I think I saw the before shot of the frames & basket & thought it was one I'd seen before. I didn't realize you finished some stuff & posted more!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you pictures, great job!! Love the detail close ups that are beautiful, but could easily be walked by unnoticed! You've definantly been training your photography eye! There's so many I have to go back & look at them a few times to remember what all I wanted to say!

Chrystie said...

Sounds like you had some really memorable weekends together before you take off, that's awesome!! I love the hand shots & the flowers!! I never thought to do the hand shots now, what a GREAT idea!! We did that on our wedding day, but what a cool thing to do to take hand pics over the years & watch them age. LOVE IT!!! I saw a pic that I loved where the whole family has there hands in the flat (not folded) prayer possition. The baby's hands & older kids are on the bottom, then, mom's & ending w/Dad's on top. I've wanted to do that for our family, I really like it! :)

Mike and Sarah said...

Thanks guys, I have been working on taking good pictures and playing with the macro setting on my camera ever since I got that amazing bumble bee shot in Ireland. Mike says I should enter that one in a photo contest.

I have always thought hands were beautiful. We were sitting on a log at the beach and I was looking at Mike's hands. I took a picture of his hands and then thought, "hey, I should take a picture of our hands together!"

Chrystie, It wasn't several weekends, it was one really busy long weekend this past weekend. Snowboarding Saturday, thrifting and Alki Sunday after church, and then taking the ferry to Whidbey on Monday. I am really enjoying reading Babywise by the way :)