Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Earrings

Back in October when we were in Kaua’i I found a really unique pair of earrings.  I have been to Hawaii several times and I had never seen any like this.  I loved the Olivine and after thinking about it for a day I decided to go back to the street fair to get them and the matching necklace the morning we flew to Oahu.  I loved them!!  Sadly, a few nights later on a long walk one of my Olivine earrings fell off of the hook.  We had done a ton of walking after dinner.  I knew they had to be at the restaurant we went to for dinner, or somewhere we walked afterward because I had put them in right before we went out to eat and Mike said they were on during dinner.  So, we spent 2 hours re-tracing our steps that night but never found it.  I could have cried!  And I never found any on Oahu to replace them.  I did find a pair of olivine earrings with smaller stones and bought them hoping I could combine them with the larger stones from the earring I had left and create a new pair.  Today during nap time I decided it was time to try to make them.
 Here is the earring I had left.
So I took apart all three earrings and threaded the stones onto two earring posts combining the larger stones with the smaller ones.
I had these posts in a box of beads my Mom gave me from her jewelry making days in high school.  After I had the right amount of stones on I added the earring hooks so I could wear them :)
I think they turned out pretty good especially considering I have never made earrings in my life!
Ah, I love them!  And I certainly hope my craftsmanship was better than the original artisan because I will be crushed if one of them falls off the hook again!
I had so much fun I decided to make another pair!  In the box of beads my Mom gave me when I was a child I found the beads from a broken rosary.  I called my Mom and asked whos it was, but she couldn’t recall.  Anyway, the sparkly blue beads called to me and I needed to make a second pair.  I only had one more pair of hooks left, so I tried out a few designs before I settled on one.
I love how they turned out.  So pretty and sparkly!
I love them!  Don’t mind me holding my hair back out of  my face.  Also, you might notice my wardrobe is different.  After I hugged hubby when he got home from work I noticed I had something icky on my shirt.  Apparently he had saved a little lunch on his jacket and decided to share….how sweet. lol
I went into this project trying to fix/re-create my Olivine earrings and ended up with two new pairs of beautiful earrings :)
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Chrystie said...

They turned out great Sarah! :) Love um! :)

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