Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cloth Wipes

 When I decided to cloth diaper I figured it would be easier to just use cloth wipes as well, but I didn't receive any from my registry at my baby shower.  Even though I had the nursery print flannel to make my own with, with all of the projects I was working on and preparing to fly to Uganda to meet my son it was low on my priority list.  I figured I would get to it at some point before I left.  After all, it would be a pretty quick project and my favorite projects are quick ones! 
I was wrong!  After we got home from Africa I dove into cloth diapering, but I felt silly and counterproductive using cloth diapers and disposable wipes.  So finally one day I used a nap time to create the cloth wipes I had meant to create months ago before we brought baby home.
 Before we left for Africa, I found this pile of things to transform at a thrift shop and decided to use the brand new yardage of nursery print flannel for my wipes.  You can read about the transformation of this pile here.
 I was pretty excited about transforming the picture frames for a family wall I was doing and spray painting the basket for the baby's room.  But the thought of sewing a bunch of cloth wipes for cleaning a baby's hiney just didn't seem nearly as fun as the rest of the projects on my list!  Which is probably why it never got done.  But now that I needed them it was suddenly a priority :o)  Funny how that works....
 I was glad when I finally devoted that afternoon nap making the wipes though.  I had some green terry fabric that I used to back about half of them and when I ran out I just sewed 2 layers of flannel together, print side out.
The terry cloth side is good for scrubbing, but I have discovered that I usually prefer just the double layer flannel.  I have a small spray bottle I keep with the wipes that I fill with warm water, a squirt of baby wash and 3 drops of tea tree oil.  The tea tree oil is naturally anti-bacterial keeps the water fresh and smelling good and I refill the bottle every 3ish days when it runs out.  It is so much easier to just spray a wipe and finish up the job than use regular wipes and have to dispose of the wipes in a separate place from the rest of the diapers in the diaper pail.


Chrystie said...

Nice! I never thought to use reusable wipes! I used cloth diapers for my 1st 3 kids. However I used the diaper service, so I would have had to toss the wipes in a different container either way! Very cute! I'm sure yours are much cozier then the throw away kind! :)

Mike and Sarah said...

They are pretty soft and cozy. I decided to make them because it is just easier to throw everything in the diaper pail, since I wash them myself, than to throw stinky wipes in the bathroom trash!