Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 9 - Sailing!

Waiting by the sail boat for our early morning sail.....

Mike and J ready to go!
Goodbye Waikiki beach!
J thought it was a great adventure!
Mike took the first turn snorkeling while I watched the baby and then I went.
Daddy snorkeling.
Jeremiah grabbing a water weenie and thinking about going in!
Mike is back, my turn!!
Jeremiah wants a turn too.
Right after everyone got back in the boat a pod of dolphins came!
So beautiful!!!  Last year in Maui I got pictures of them jumping and spinning and a baby the size of a football!
Time to sail!
The Pink Lady.  The second hotel built on Waikiki beach.

Diamond head!  We hiked to the top of it the next morning!

Me and my man!
Our little family.
My baby and I.
Back to shore.  I love this picture so much it is my screen saver right now!
Cute boy.  He loved sailing!
He was so excited!
He wanted to crawl right off of the edge!
Annoyed when Dad wouldn't let him :)
This seems to be a theme!  Vacations must tire out babies!  This was him when we went to check out the "From Here to Eternity" beach.
If you have seen "From Here to Eternity" this beach probably looks familiar.
The beach of the famous kiss scene.
?????  I couldn't help myself, I had to take this picture.  The crazy thing is someone designed this dress, and crazier still someone bought and wore it in public!!  It looks like she just wandered out of Dr. Seuses Whooville!
After swimming at the "From Here to Eternity" beach we went to our little favorite ice cream place.  Daves.  I love how Jeremiah is staring longingly at Mike's spoon!
The look on his face when he realizes he will not be getting any of the afore mentioned ice cream.  Dang dairy allergy!
Real tears while Dad eats it right in front of him.
Then Daddy caves.
 This is the BEST ice cream place on Oahu!  We discovered it on our first trip to Hawaii 5 years ago and visit every time we go back! 
 After some refreshing ice cream we went to my favorite sandy beach for an afternoon of surf and swimming!  I though the color of this jellyfish thing was really pretty.
 Some sort of an anchor thing washes up at Mike's feet.
 It must be inspected by Mike and his mini-me.
 I love this guy!
 A close up of the ball thing.
 J playing at the beach.  Hid favorite!!

 Such a beautiful beach!
Mike burried J's legs :)
 Time to go for a swim before it gets dark!
 I love the ocean!
 J, exhausted and ready to be dried off after a hard day of play!
 Goodbye beach!  Until next time!
 The amazing sunset on the way back to our condo.
This is what J did as soon as we got back, so unfortunately the fancy dinner we had planned for our last night in Hawaii got canceled and the pretty dress I bought to for Hawaii never got worn.  Instead Mike ran out for fast food.  When he got back he said he liked waking with Jeremiah and I in Waikiki better than by himself because 2 different guys asked him if he wanted to buy drugs and a pimp asked him if he needed any company for the night.  I guess the family guy image helps stave that off.  The funny thing is before J, whenever we were in Hawaii guys would ask me if I wanted to buy any weed and ignored Mike.  It made me wonder if I looked like the kind of person who enjoyed weed......
Anyway, we stayed in with our fast food and a movie and enjoyed our last night in paradise.  Having a baby definitely changes things!!

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