Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kaua'i - Day 4 - Lydgate Beach

I have my rashgaurd and my spf hat on and my bottle.  I am ready for the day!!!
We hung around the condo for a while relaxing this morning, so we got a later start to the day.  We loaded Jeremiah in the car and drove a short way to downtown Kapa'a to browse the unique shops.  It was fun and we stopped at Bubba's burgers for lunch.  Jeremiah was totally sacked out in his stroller the whole time...........
 After lunch we went to Lydgate beach.  On the beach there are two walled in pools, one shallow for babies and the other deeper for anyone, and then the regular beach.  We went in the deeper on with J because we had his floaty cabana.  I swam around with Jeremiah for a long time while Mike snorkeled and then went in to  the sand to layout while Mike swam with the baby.
 Playing in the water.
 Me and My Dad.
 Aww, what a sweet smile!!
 After the beach we drove to some waterfalls.  It was literally 5 minutes away from the beach, but Jeremiah was totally sacked out after a hard afternoon of swimming!
 Wailua Falls
 Opaeka'a Falls
 Opaeka'a again.  The water falls were Gorgeous.  After all of that swimming and driving around looking for waterfalls we were hungry, so we stopped for a snack at Taco Bell.  On the way back to the condo we decided to go back to Lydgate Beach since Jeremiah had had so much fun earlier.  This time we went to the baby pool and J was in the buff since his swim suit was wet from earlier.
 He loved the water!!
 And the sand!!
 Slippery little fishy!
 After Mike picked Jeremiah up in a standing position, he pulled and pulled until they walked in some deeper water.  He was having so much fun!!
 He was loving it!
 Lydgate Park and the two walled in pools.
 It was such a beautiful evening!!!
 I think Mike was having as much fun as Jeremiah!
 LOVE the look on Jeremiah's face.  He was just so excited!!
 Deep water for babies!
Time to get dried off and go home :)
It was a fabulous day watching Jeremiah face light up with fun and excitement both times we were at the beach!  And then we got to go home and eat some yummy fish Mike made for dinner :)


Chrystie said...

Nice waterfalls! Love the 2 videos! So cute of little nudie chasing Mike & cracking up! Love it!

Mike and Sarah said...

He was so adorable all naked and so excited about the water! He did make a little poo in the sand that Daddy had to clean up though. We made sure to have a cloth swim diaper on hand for him after that. lol :)

Kath said...

Loved Jeremiah laughing in the surf! So cute!