Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 8 - Lost Beach Camp

 The next morning in Oahu we decided to rent another kayak, so we went to a concierge desk.  She called several companies, but none of them would rent to us because there aren't rivers so they take the kayaks on the open ocean.  It sounded really fun because they kayak out to this little island to explore scenic beaches and picnic.  Finally one place said that they would let us rent the next day, but it was like 3 times the price of the kayaking place we rented from in Kaua'i, so we passed and booked a sailing trip for the morning instead which was cheaper than renting a kayak.  Partly because we have sailed with then 5 times and they know us and give us a good deal :)  After that we hit up Starbucks before going to the LOST beach camp to see if there was anything left...........
  It was sooooo cool last year when they were still filming!!!

 Handsome in his spf hat!
 This kid could be a baby model!!!
 The LOST beach.  Not much of a swimming beach, but it is so ruggedly breathtaking!
 The fence was about the only thing still there, outlining private property so LOST fans don't wander onto the property to check it out.  There was less left than I thought.  The partly built church was gone and the only thing still slightly there was the gravesite with a few barely noticeable mounds of dirt.  Even the partly dug grave from the last season had been filled in.
 Oh how I love to sail!  The water sure looks rough though!
 My guys.
 Being silly.
 The waves were getting really big by the time we left to head to Turtle Beach.
 Sea turtles just amaze me!
 Us with a turtle in the background.  The piece of paper you can see on the sand tells about him.  They have volunteers who come to the beach to protect the turtles and keep people away.  They can tell the turtles apart and have fact sheets on each one.  It is really cool!
 J and two turtles
 Jeremiah chillin' in his stroller at Dukes that night when we went out for Kimo's Hula Pie.  My favorite island treat!!  It is and ice cream pie and soooo good. 
The most random thing I have ever seen in Waikiki.  We went on a long walk on the way home and in Waikiki there are lots of street prefomers in the evening.  The oddest one was some guy with a guinnea pig on a surf board for people to take pictures of and pet for donations.  Their guinnea pig brought in the bacon, lol.  Sadly on this long walk one of my olivine earrings that I had just bought in Kaua'i the day before fell off of the hook.  It was the only thing I had purchased and I had never seen earrings like that before.  And we had done a ton of walking.  I knew they and to be at the restaurant or somewhere we walked afterward because I had put them in right before we went out to eat.  We spent 2 hours re-tracing our steps that night and never found it.  I could have cried!  And I never found any on Oahu to replace them. 


Chrystie said...

Wow cool beaches! The lost beach was really pretty! Love the turtles, so cool to see! You guys really seam to know where to go! I'll remember to ask you where to go if we ever go back! Bummer about your earing! :( Can you do something creative w/the one you still have??

Mike and Sarah said...

Ya, we have been to Oahu so many times, we know our way around to all of our favorite places and still find new cool places. I am still thinking about what to do with the earring.......

Anonymous said...

I was thinking maybe you could use it as an embelie on a page in your Hawaii album from that trip. :)