Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kaua'i - Day 5 - Kipu Falls

Kipu falls was a place I really wanted to see, but our guidebook didn't give directions because the locals she talked to asked her not to so they could keep it more private and not over run with tourists............
  We drove around for a while on this really scenic and beautiful road, got lost, came to the dead end and turned around.  On the way back we saw several cars parked on the side of the road and decided to get out and check to see if this was the trail head.  It was!!  We were on this VERY narrow trail with grass and prickly bushes right up against us on either side pulling at our hair and clothes when we hear what sounds like a stampede coming toward us.  We scoot as far into the bushes and these 3 locals come barreling down the trail full speed ahead.  We talked to them later at the falls and apparently they snuck away from work for a long lunch to jump off the cliff into the falls and swim, so that is why they were in a hurry :)

 It was a really short treck to Kipu falls.  And that thing about the locals not wanting tourists to find out?  Too late!  There were so many people there!!!
 It was so beautiful!  We were wishing we didn't have the baby with us so we could jump in.  But taking turns didn't sound like as much fun as both jumping in and having a romantic swim and swinging on the rope swing.  Next time!!
 Say Cheesball!!
 The 3 of us.
 This seems like a theme!  Vacation is sooo tiring :o)
 After the falls we went in search of a great beach for swimming!  I loved this tiny crab!  he was about the size of my thumbnail. 
 At the beach in my wrap dress.
 Me and my snugglebunny.  Dang, a rouge wave got my silk dress.  Oh well, it was made for Hawaii and they said it could get wet.
 Okay, we are getting wet.  Time to strip down to bathing suits!
 Bye Mike, I am going for a swim.
The water was amazing!  Mike took the baby for a walk down the beach and I enjoyed a wonderful exhilarating swim!  All except for the creepy guy who kept staring at me.  I was glad when Mike walked back in my direction!!
 Stanley our world traveling bear.  We found him last year in Ireland and since then he has also been to Oregon, Washington (of course, since that is where we live!) California, Maui, Oahu, Kaua'i, and Uganda.  He appears in at least one picture every trip!
 Yuck!  Don't stick that in your mouth!!
 Hmm, tastes gritty!
 Dad, will you get this off of my hand?
 Beach Bum!!!
 My guy :)
 Dirty booty!
 Me and my handsome man!
 Can't beat the backdrop!!
 Us.  I heart him!
 After playing at the beach we went to the Kaua'i coffee company plantation.  I was pretty bored, but I got an AMAZING blended coffee and sat feeding J french fries while Mike wandered around sampling tiny cups of all of the different roasts and watching an informative video.  Did I mention how good the blended coffee was??  It had caramel.  It was sooooo good!!!!  When Mike was done he went in the gift shop and bought a bag of his favorite roast and also got me a super cute super comfy Kaua'i Coffee Company hoodie that I LOVE!!   It has the little thumb holes in the cuffs that I love too!!
After the Kauai coffee company we found a convenience store and got drinks and a bag of Sun chips and found a Beach we could drive right up on and watch the sun set.  What a great day!!
Our adorable baby sacked out at the end of a wonderful day in Paradise.  Mommy and Daddy locked the doors an took the baby monitor with them down the few steps to the beach to watch the waves eating a yummy fresh fish dinner while keeping an ear out for the baby :)


Chrystie said...

Great pics! I love the waterfall you went to!! Beautiful!

Mike and Sarah said...

I know, that is why I tried so hard to get here even the tour book wouldn't give directions. It sounded so cool! It was my favorite waterfall! I am so glad we found it!!!

Kath said...

Another beautiful day! When you were a baby we took you for a weekend trip to Columbia City Hotel in CA. It's an historic hotel from the gold rush era. The rooms are upstairs off of a central sitting room. Downstairs is a restaurant. We had the room closest to the stairs, and put you to bed and went down for a late supper. The staff all loved you and listened for you while we ate. :)

Mike and Sarah said...

Mom, I actually thought of that story when I did it, but I was still worried!