Monday, October 18, 2010

Kauai - Day 3 - The North Shore

Jeremiah had been waking up at 5am every morning because it was 8am at home.  Mike took baby duty the morning before, so this morning I got up with the annoying little early riser and we went out to watch the sun rise at the beach.
 Me and the little guy watching the sunrise.
 It was gorgeous!
 I was wishing there was a real beach so I could go for a swim!
A beautiful start to a beautiful day!!
After we watched the sunrise I went inside and made breakfast and then we all went for a swim.  After about 45 minutes I decided to get out and lay in the sun, but Jeremiah did NOT want to get out yet, so Mike stayed in and played with him.  He loved his floaty cabana and sitting on the pool steps!

He loved this thing!

When Mike finally got him out he looked like a prune!!

 After swimming we drove to the north shore.  There is a wet cave and a dry cave on that road and we found the dry cave first.  It was pretty cool but kind of creepy at the same time.  I was scared a spider was going to fall off of the ceiling and land on me or something.
 The view of the cave from the road.  It was pretty cool.
 Across the street from the cave was a beautiful beach with a large grassy park in front.  Jeremiah practiced his walking skills.
 And his flying skills!
 Then we walked to the water.
 Jeremiah was pulling really hard.  He wanted to go in.  He loves the ocean!  In Hawaii.  Not in Oregon.  That was his first ocean experience.  Way too cold!
 Getting our feet wet.
 The waves were HUGE!!  Some of the beaches were closed because it was too dangerous.
 It was a gorgeous stretch of sand!
 It was mesmerizing.
At this point you see me beginning to run away from the huge wave in the distance.  But not fast enough.  My shorts got soaked and so did Jeremiah's outfit.  He is in a diaper in the next several pictures because he got soaked. 

After we got soaked we decided to keep driving and found the wet cave.  It had a pool of water in it.
 Daddy and Jeremiah checking out the wet cave.

 I love that face!!!
 That face is so perfect with the words on that hat!!
Next we went for shave ice.  No dairy, so Jeremiah got to have some.  He LOVED it!  I love how he just sits there with his mouth open like some kind of a baby bird!
 This makes me want a shave ice soooo bad right now.  Actually, it really makes me want to be in Hawaii!!
 After our refreshing shave ice we went to a beautiful beach some locals told us about.  These are our feet :o)
 The sun was getting low in the sky.
 It was a beautiful day!!
 On the way back to our condo we drove out to see this lighthouse
 We got out to take a couple of pictures.....
and this is what we found when we got back.
We have lots of pictures like this from Hawaii because we didn't go home in the middle of the day, so he grabbed naps in the car in between activities when he could.  Being carried around Hawaii is a hard job but someone has to do it! :)  After this it was delivery pizza and an old movie!


Chrystie said...

LOVE the pictures! Especially the one of the the amzing beach w/mist or fog or something & the bright sun! So cool! I enjoyed looking at them all! :)

Mike and Sarah said...

It is sea mist from all of the huge waves crashing. The waves were so big! I have never seen then like that, it was pretty amazing. Needless to say we kept our swimming to the other side of the island and only did looking at the North Shore!

Kath said...

Beautiful! I love the sunrise pics, and the footprint pic. What happy memories. :)