Monday, October 18, 2010

Kauai - Day 2 - Waimea Canyon

 On our first full day in Kauai we decided to go see the Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.  You drive drive all the way around the island toward Waimea almost until the road ends in that direction, then go up a mountain.
There is a river that snakes through at the bottom.  This is the view from one of the pull-outs on the way up.

I love all of the colors and layers!  Beautiful.
Us at the top.
Jeremiah at the top.
Incredible view from the top.  God sure is creative!!!
How freaking cute is he?!?!  I want him to stay small forever!!!  I could just kiss him to pieces :o)

Getting derbles from Daddy.  He was cracking up!  He loves when Dad derbles his tummy! (same as what some people call a raspberry)

Wild chickens in the parking lot.  I have no idea why but there are wild chickens all over Kauai.  You are not supposed to feed them, but we did a little.
After Waimea Canyon we kept driving up, up, up to the Kalalau Lookout with a gorgeous ocean view.  Elevation 4000 feet.
 So Gorgeous!!!!!
 Love the shadow Mike's hat is casting on my face....
 Even the parking lot was pretty :)
 So cute, even though he is a little unhappy about being in the tree. :)
On the way home we stopped at Spouting Horn Blowhole.  It was really pretty and it makes this really cool kind of groaning sound when all of the air sucks in right before it spouts.  Jeremiah was fascinated by it and we stayed and watched for a long time.

Getting ready to blow.........

Thar she blows!

Back at our condo for the evening.  I am watching the sunset while Mike grilled coconut crusted Tilapia.  OMG it was sooooo good!!  We cooked fresh fish almost every night we were in Kauai.  I loved it all except for the Marlin. 

Goodbye lovely day!



Gone!  Goodbye sun!  What a fabulous day!!

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Kath said...

Wow! What a gorgeous day you had! And Jeremiah is just the cutest thing ever!